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Recruitment Success Stories: Pretty Sally Bakehouse

  • Maryke Wylde

It’s understandable that many hospitality business owners would be apprehensive when considering skilled migration as a solution to their staffing problems. Hiring a chef or baker that you’ve never met and navigating the Australian immigration department can seem like an unnecessary hassle when you have a busy business to run.

Recently we spoke to Darren, operator of Hogan’s Hotel and Pretty Sally Bakehouse in regards to his experience with TSS and skilled migration.

We worked with Darren through the 457 visa application process and has also assisting in placing qualified offshore hospitality staff into his businesses.

Sponsoring hospitality staff from offshore stabilised the kitchen team at Darren’s hotel and enabled him to open a new business – Pretty Sally Bakehouse. Darren hired an employee from offshore with pastry and dessert skills which is something he had never done before. Getting it right the first time was especially important as Pretty Sally Bakehouse also caters for Hogan’s Hotel, Darren’s other venue.

Darren commented that the immigration process was easy to go through once you get through the first application. Once settled in it was clear that his new Pastry Chef was well respected by the other members of staff.

Darren would recommend using TSS to assist with the visa application process and to recruit staff from offshore. He said that this process has brought stability to his business and that the candidates are committed, respectful and willing to go the extra mile for his business.

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