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Recruitment Success Stories: Chef Bernie Brings His Own Style To Alice Springs

  • Tammie Kerehoma

The skills shortage in Australian hospitality is an ever increasing problem. Our past clients and future prospects are all noticing the one thing in the Australian industry - A distinct lack of quality chefs.

This was a problem made all too real for past client Greg of The Devils Marbles Hotel and Publicans on Tap. We caught up with Greg recently to hear about the problems he was facing in his business and the solution he found in offshore recruitment.

Speaking of a time before his experiences with TSS it was clear Greg was in a real bind. “In my other business I deal with a lot of hoteliers and they’re all saying the same thing… there’s a distinct lack of quality chefs in Australia…In fact, many of them are calling it a crisis”.

As always we were really excited to hear that our work in bringing chefs to Greg’s kitchen had helped get his business back on track.

“From the Australian side the process was very smooth and easy to follow” explained Greg of the recruitment process.

“Unfortunately we did experience a few delays but that was all to do with the regime in the Philippines. In the end, it was the best thing we’ve ever done. Bernie is a champion – definitely worth the wait”.

Chef Bernie has since solved many problems Greg was facing within his business, as well as contributing his own unique style to the menu and bringing to the table a level of skill previously missing from the kitchen at The Devils Marbles.

“The proof is in the pudding” Greg explained. “We were awarded a Gold Plate Award last year.. and it’s all because of Bernie. One of his signature dishes (Pork Sisig) has taken on a life of its own. Many people drive a long way just to experience it”.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at TSS is our ability to provide great outcomes for all our skilled chefs as well as the businesses they work within. Asking Greg about how Bernie is fitting in it’s clear he couldn’t couldn’t be happier working in the Northern Territory.

“Bernie slipped into NT life straight away… it’s like we’d known him forever. I guess his previous experience of working on cruise ships prepared him well for remote working conditions”.

“He has acquainted himself with a lot of people. Fortunately, there’s quite a strong Filipino contingent in Alice and Tennant Creek so he has made some good friends. Moreover, we regard him as part of our family and would do anything for him”.

For us and our clients, it’s all about providing results. When we asked Greg if he had anything else to say about his experience with offshore recruitment he had only one thing to say. “We’re really happy with Bernie. TSS told me they specialise in matching the right candidates with the right venues.. and I’m pleased to say they exceeded all my expectations”.

Recruiting chefs like Bernie is in the overwhelming majority of cases much easier than business owners think and remains one of the best ways to get your Australian hospitality business back on track.

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