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C.ex Group Couldn't Operate Without International Chefs

  • Andrew Silverman

The C.ex Group of clubs in NSW is an integral part of the local communities in which they reside. They are also one of our longest standing clients.

The success they enjoy can be mainly attributed to the members and local residents who frequent their venues for dining, social events and live entertainment.

Sadly though, dedicated and loyal community support is no longer enough to ensure club survival.

While it’s no secret that venues cannot survive without committed staff, it is now more evident than ever before. Businesses around Australia find themselves with no option other than to look outside the box and try something different.

This is something C.ex Operations Manager Jeff Cox can attest to and after contacting TSS around eight years ago became one of the first club managers in NSW to sponsor chefs from overseas. And he never looked back.

“I was one of the first in NSW to go down this path and have now been using TSS for eight years. We would not be in operation today without the chefs we have sponsored from overseas” said Jeff.

Kitchen stability has been an issue for Jeff longer than he cares to remember. Cheffing has always been a transient occupation but community clubs simply don’t survive without the elusive stability and consistency.

“I had trouble hiring locally. I found chefs so unreliable. A new spanner was thrown into the works every day. The irregular attendance particularly was a huge issue but the knock on effect through the entire staff was so detrimental”

cex group chef

The changes at C.ex have been significant.

“We have sponsored 9 chefs from overseas now. Each one has brought stability and reliability but they have also taken the business to the next level” said Jeff.

“Each day they arrive with a smile on their face. They work hard, are grateful for the opportunity and are genuinely happy to be here. They’re really great people who have completely changed the fortunes of this business.”

The shortage of skilled, committed and hard working chefs has been an ongoing concern in the industry for some time. Unfortunately, it looks like getting worse before it gets better – if it gets better at all.

C.ex found a real solution that has now been proven nine times and they have prospered as a result.

“I know we would not be in operation without them. I recommend this and TSS to as many club managers as I can who just continue to struggle with chefs. I cannot recommend TSS highly enough.”