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Vietnamese Chef King Becomes a Father, Head Chef and Australian Citizen

  • Andrew Silverman
Things don’t just fall into place without hard work and King, like all TSS candidates, has worked extremely hard to get where he is today.

C.ex Group Couldn't Operate Without International Chefs

  • Andrew Silverman
The C.ex Group of clubs in NSW is an integral part of the local communities in which they reside. They are also one of our longest standing clients.

Chef Amit Brings Stability, Diversity and Work-Ethic to a Sunshine Coast RSL Suffering Skill Shortage

  • Tammie Kerehoma
It has improved their reputation, their relationships with customers, teamwork and even reduced absenteeism.

Australian Stories: Head Chef Randika Finds Family A New Home in Darwin

  • Andrew Silverman
With a restaurateur mother, a renowned celebrity chef father and a grandfather who also made his name in the culinary world, it’s easy to see why cooking is in Chef Randika's blood.

Australian Stories: Chef Parso Brings a Mauritian Influence to the San Remo Hotel

  • Tammie Kerehoma
Parso Cunairun grew up in Mauritius, a small island off the south-east coast of the African continent and a long way from the small fishing village of San Remo in southern Victoria where he and his family now call home.

Australian Stories: Temora's Ex-Services Club Back on Track with Talented Chef Vindana

  • Andrew Silverman
"Our weekly covers have doubled and for the first time ever we have to tell members we can’t fit them in for lunch or dinner. Some have actually complained because we are too busy"

Australian Stories: The Demo Club helps Chef Egbert settle down in Broken Hill

  • Andrew Silverman
After honing his skills on the world largest cruise liner, Chef Egbert was ready to find a better life for his family on Australian shores. Broken Hill's The Demo Club was happy to help.

Meet the Team: Jonathan Matta

  • Will Aldous
Meet Jonny Matta: One of our many talented Recruitment Managers

Australian Stories: Chef Tommy finds his family a home in Tamworth

  • Andrew Silverman
Since migrating to Tamworth Vietnamese-born Nguyen Van Huy, known as Tommy, has applied his unique talents and insight to his new job with the help of Owner Tanika Douglas.

Find Your Solution to the Shortage of Australian Chefs

  • Brendan Halliday
Speaking to clients both past and present, we continue to hear the same thing “There is a shortage of chefs and that is growing worse all the time”