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Powerhouse Hotel Tamworth Beats Hospitality Skills Shortage With Reliable Staff

  • Andrew Silverman

Ben Davies has been at the Powerhouse Hotel Tamworth for eleven years; commencing as Head Chef before assuming the role of General Manager three years ago. Not much has happened at Powerhouse that doesn’t have his fingerprints on it.

Perhaps the most definitive change in his time is the way in which they recruit. Long, laborious and outdated searches via job boards are a thing of the past for Ben and that is something that makes sleeping at night that little bit easier.

Four years ago, Powerhouse decided that a significant overhaul in their recruitment method was required. After years of having chefs come and go with monotonous regularity, the time came to think a little more laterally. No longer were they prepared to accept poor quality, limited tenure and substandard work ethic as just ‘part and parcel’ of the industry.

“Too many hospitality businesses see a chef’s unwillingness to work hard as something you simply have to put up with. It’s just accepted. We decided we needed to make changes so this would no longer be an issue” says Ben.

Ben contacted TSS in 2014 and for the Powerhouse the change they were striving to achieve has been profound. For the past four years, they have used overseas recruitment to support their local efforts and now have six 457 visa holders including chefs and front of house staff.

“We have recruited several staff through TSS over the last four years. All are still here and all have made a significant impact that unfortunately locals were unable to provide. We have 5 chefs including a Head Chef plus a Food and Beverage Supervisor from Malaysia who is absolutely stunning at his job” says Ben.

“In comparison to the locals of the past, they are so much more efficient. The chefs actually understand how kitchens work. They also understand that in this industry you work hard every day and it doesn’t bother any of them” says Ben.

Given the skills shortage is only getting worse, the services TSS offer are becoming more prevalent but Ben wouldn’t go anywhere else.

“Nothing is ever too much for TSS. Of course, they are understanding of our needs but it’s more than that. Their value is shown most when things become challenging. It’s the way TSS deal with difficult situations that sets them apart from others”

“They are professional and knowledgeable. Choice Hotels asked me how I felt about 457 sponsorship as have other businesses in Tamworth and I’ve always said that it’s not only brilliant but that TSS is the only way to go. They do the right thing by us every single time”

The Powerhouse Tamworth continues to go from strength to strength. With a stable and reliable staff, it’s no wonder Ben is relaxed. He is also comforted by the fact that, if required, TSS is only a phone call away.

A call he will be very happy to make.