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Find the perfect fit for your team

We have dedicated and experienced international hospitality, healthcare and aged care professionals looking for stable long term positions in Australian businesses

Who We Are

TSS Recruitment is a team of Australian hospitality, healthcare and aged care recruitment specialists dedicated to long term staffing solutions for Australian businesses. We enable organisations to open up their recruitment activities to the global labour market using the 482 (TSS) visa and in-house visa processing. Retention rates with our placed candidates are unparalleled. Repeat business is something we are known for, with our clients relying on our recruitment and visa processing services for the long term.

Effortless Hospitality, Healthcare and Aged Care Recruitment

We simplify the process of hiring international staff on long-term 482 (TSS), 494 (SESR), or 186 (ENS) visas through our proven recruitment and immigration model, enabling Australian businesses to access a wide pool of experienced professionals.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike traditional recruitment companies we only deliver talented professionals that are as passionate about long-term employment as you are. Our candidates are not between jobs or looking for a quick fix, they are all dedicated career professionals.

Why TSS Recruitment?

Recruit From A Unique Market

Access creative and dedicated staff otherwise unavailable to your business.

Proven Candidate Retention Rates

Over 90% of our candidates remain in their position after the first 12 months.

Find The Perfect Candidate For Your Business

We take the time to understand your business before suggesting candidates that meet your needs.

In House Registered Migration Agents

Experienced, knowledgable and professional migration agents make offshore recruitment as easy as possible.

Australian Stories

Kitchen Stability Brought To Tamworth By International Chefs

The Sanctuary Inn Tamworth is all for hiring locals but for them overseas chefs are not just a want, they are a need.

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Our Team

Our team of recruitment specialists have over 85 years of collective experience in the field, with many of our staff having previous hospitality, healthcare and aged care experience prior to joining TSS Recruitment.